Terezia Krizbai

Terezia Krizbai

Life Coach & Dating Expert

As a life coach based in Maglód, Pest, my core philosophy revolves around helping clients find a harmonious balance in life. In my sessions, the client is always the focal point. Our conversations, while seemingly casual, are purpose-driven and goal-oriented. My approach is to listen attentively and empathetically, believing firmly that everyone holds the key to their best life solutions. By choosing to work with me, we will collaboratively set goals, discuss them thoroughly, and take incremental steps towards achieving them. Together, we will devise action plans for continuous goal attainment. I offer the first session for free, providing an informal yet insightful introduction to our potential journey together.


I hold both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Psychology, with my Master's specialization in Counseling and Educational Psychology. Additionally, I have obtained a Life Coach certification from St. Paul’s Free University. My commitment to professional growth is ongoing, as I plan to pursue an accredited advanced life coach certification or degree.

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On a personal note, I was born blind due to being a premature baby, which led to numerous health challenges early in life. This personal journey steered me towards the field of mental health.

Professionally, I currently serve as a school psychologist at Jozsef Attila High School in Monor, Hungary, where I apply my coaching skills. My experience also includes two years as a volunteer listener with 7 Cups of Tea, and as an online volunteer Christian coach with Life. Church Online. Since 2019, I have been working at the high school, adapting to online methods due to the pandemic. My work involves supporting adolescents, parents, and teachers, both individually and in groups.

Why I Write for BridesBouquet.net

My decision to contribute to BridesBouquet.net stems from my desire to extend my expertise in psychology and life coaching to a broader audience. Understanding the complexities of relationships and the pursuit of harmonious partnerships, especially in the context of marriage and life planning, aligns with my professional skills and personal experiences. Through my articles, I aim to offer insights, guidance, and support to those navigating the intricate journey of building lasting relationships.

If you feel that my approach resonates with you, I warmly invite you to contact me to schedule a session. Let’s embark on a journey towards achieving your life’s goals and finding balance together.